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Vetty Creations headerb  The Vetty Creations office will be temporarily closed from Oct 21 to Nov 7 due to Yvette travelling to research for her next book. All enquiries and orders will be attended to upon reopening. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

Embroidery supplies

Vetty Creations are publishers of embroidery books, kits and patterns, specialising in whitework embroidery. We sell kits and patterns for whitework embroidery, and all our books on whitework. We have a full range of Mountmellick embroidery supplies available for purchase.

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Step-by-step embroidery books Whitework embroidery kits Whitework embroidery patterns Whitework embroidery patterns Mountmellick embroidery supplies Portuguese whitework supplies Sardinian embroidery supplies Whitework specialty threads Whitework specialty fabric Embroidery accessories: needles, scissors, magnifiers, hoops, lighting

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