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Early-Style Hardanger book

Portuguese Whitework embroidery runner
Early-Style Hardanger
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Early-Style Hardanger

By Yvette Stanton

Taking you back to the Norwegian fjord where it all began...

Early-style Hardanger is not often seen outside of Norway, but is quite distinct from contemporary Hardanger. This historical style of embroidery has traditionally been used on the women’s clothing in the Hardangerfjord region, and was designed to emulate needle-made lace of the 1600s and 1700s.

To research for "Early-Style Hardanger", Yvette Stanton travelled to Norway, studying historical examples of Hardanger at the Norsk Folkemuseum and the Hardanger Folkemuseum. In Bergen, she joined in the celebration of Syttende Mai (17th May) or Norwegian Constitution Day. On this occasion, many Norwegians dress in bunad, or folk costume, to enjoy the festivities. Because of this, Yvette also saw many examples of early-style Hardanger in current use on traditional-style clothing.

This book inspires you to create traditional-style Norwegian whitework embroidery, and demonstrates how to do it in bite-size portions, thereby allowing you to feel the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of making your own beautiful embroideries.

We also stock the Hardanger embroidery supplies required to make this embroidery.

The benefits of 'Early-Style Hardanger'
Inside 'Early-Style Hardanger'
'Early-Style Hardanger' preview
About Yvette Stanton
Reader testimonials
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'Early-Style Hardanger' at a glance

The Benefits of 'Early-Style Hardanger'

With Early-style Hardanger by Yvette Stanton you will:

  • Distinguish what makes early-style Hardanger different from contemporary Hardanger.
  • Understand how to correctly and accurately work the stitches and techniques of this traditional-style embroidery. Both left- and right-handed instructions are included.
  • Learn to avoid problems, and have the self-assurance to fix any mistakes you make.
  • Have confidence to use your new skills to create ten attractive early-style Hardanger embroidery projects.

Inside 'Early-Style Hardanger'

Early-Style Hardanger has 160 full colour pages and three pattern sheets.

  • Introductory information includes contextual information about where the embroidery comes from, comparisons between contemporary and early-style Hardanger, photographs of historical examples, and information about the motifs, equipment and materials used.
  • The Projects chapter has 10 beautiful projects including small projects through to larger projects. Included are the following projects:

    • bookmark
    • square mat
    • pin tins
    • biscornu
    • table runner
    • Christmas stockings
    • cushion
    • lampshade
    • embroidered shirt
    • traditional apron

    Whether you're an absolute beginner or are wanting more of a challenge, there is something here for you.
  • The Stitches and techniques chapter is packed with detailed stitch instructions. Each stitch is taught in fully diagrammed, step-by-step format, with instructions for both left- and right-handed embroiderers. Clear diagrams and or photographs to help you see exactly how to work the stitch or technique, and concise written instructions explain each step. As well as including some stitches that are well loved by Hardanger stitchers, this book reintroduces old stitches that have fallen out of regular usage outside of Norway.
  • A glossary, appendix and full index complete the book.
Early-Style Hardanger sample pages

Early-Style Hardanger provides all the information you need to understand the difference between contemporary and early-style Hardanger. Its clear instructions with hundreds of helpful diagrams mean that you will be able to take yourself through a thorough course on this style of embroidery, within the comfort of your own home. Your new skills enable you to make your own examples of this style of embroidery, using the projects included in the book. You will refer to it again and again.

'Early-Style Hardanger' preview

About Yvette Stanton

Yvette Stanton is a respected needlework teacher and author of needlework books. She particularly loves whitework and playing with embroidery stitches. Early-Style Hardanger is Yvette's eighth book, and her second on Hardanger embroidery.

For some number of years, Yvette had wanted to do a book on early-style or traditional Hardanger embroidery, as she had noted how different it was from much of the Hardanger that is being worked contemporarily. Since secondary school, she had been fascinated by Norway, having had a Norwegian penpal named Anniken, during that period.

To research the book, Yvette finally fufilled her dream of visiting Norway. She would like to acknowledge the kind and knowledgable assistance of Agnete Sivertsen, Director of Hardanger Folk Museum during her research.

Reader testimonials

“The interest for Hardanger goes far beyond the Norwegian borders and has spread world wide from the Hardangerfjord region where it once emerged. In this book, Yvette Stanton shows you the secrets and details from this unique tradition. Early-Style Hardanger is a must for everyone who is interested in the historic roots of embroidery.” — Agnete Sivertsen, Director, Hardanger Folk Museum and teacher of traditional Hardanger embroidery

“It’s not just a beautiful book: it is clear, thorough and inspiring. Shame it doesn’t come with a holiday in Norway tucked into the back cover with the pattern sheets, I would love to be drifting down a fjord right now, but that might make the book just a little too expensive!” — SJ, UK

“I received my book today and WOW. It's awesome!! The pages comparing old and new are eye-openers. Add the history, projects, and the stitches, WOW. I LOVE your new book! I'm glad I ordered it and have it to drool over before I decide what to make first. Maybe I'll start with the biscornu and then go for the square mat...” — Jana, USA

Review extract (read the rest here): “I’ve been waiting eagerly for Yvette Stanton’s new book Early Style Hardanger since I first read about it as a work in progress, on her blog, White Threads. It sounded right up my street: firmly focused on the traditional Norwegian whitework technique rather than any modern interpretations. I’m delighted to say that the book lives up to my expectations. It’s a substantial paperback: neat layout, enticing photographs, clear typography, copious step-by-step diagrams and charts. If I had to sum up the contents in one word, it would be ‘thorough’ – it’s one of the most in-depth single-subject embroidery books that I have seen.” —Sue, Tortoise Loft, UK

Review extract (read the rest here): “I have been eagerly awaiting delivery of Yvette Stanton’s new book “Early Style Hardanger” since its publication was announced, and I have not been disappointed. This is a must have book for a needleworker’s library. Normally I dip into books but I have been totally enthralled from the 1st to the 160th page, all of which are packed with over 1500 colour photos and diagrams.” —Nicola, Hands Across the Sea Samplers, UK

“I'm so excited, I just received. Thank you Yvette Stanton, it's perfect, I want to do everything 😍😍” – Silvia, Costa Rica

“I LOVE it!!! I am going to show it to my mum (from Hardanger, learned hardanger-stitching from her mum who was taught by her mum...), she doesn't like reading English, but she doesn't really need to read with those illustrations! -I am just going to keep it for myself for a while first. :-D Kudos! Excellent work! *Happy!*” – Iris, Norway

“I have just received my copy of your book and have been enjoying poring over all the photographs. I love the comparison gallery showing the differences between early and contemporary Hardanger. Also, I have seen embroideries with drawn thread borders, but I hadn’t realised they were a feature of early style Hardanger. That was a revelation! Thanks Yvette!” – Kathryn, UK

“It’s a beautiful book and so well thought out, I love the way it looks... such an interesting read.” – Deborah, UK

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'Early-Style Hardanger' at a glance

Early-Style Hardanger
Early-Style Hardanger: Traditional Norwegian Whitework Embroidery by Yvette Stanton
  • 160 full-colour pages
  • 3 pattern sheets
  • Paperback
  • 195 x 275 mm
  • 1500+ full colour photos and diagrams
  • Published June 2016
  • ISBN 978-0-9757677-7-1
With Early-Style Hardanger: Traditional Norwegian Whitework Embroidery you will be able to make your own beautiful early-style Hardanger heirlooms. Purchase your copy today!
I just want to buy the book!
All prices are in Australian dollars and include shipping.
Select the destination from the drop-down menu.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include shipping.
For currency conversion, try We provide no guarantee of these rates for your transaction. Calculations can only be used as a guide.

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