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Vetty Creations office partial closure: I have been unwell since mid November 2023. Orders are going out, though may be delayed when I'm having a really bad day/days. I respond to enquiries when I am able to. I apologise for this. It’s not what I want either.

UPDATE - OFFICE CLOSURE: In what is hopefully not the most ill-advised decision of the year, I am heading to NZ to teach at the ANZEG
conference. I’ll be out of the office from Saturday 13th July, returning Monday 22nd July. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to fill all the orders then.

Video tutorial: Mountmellick knitted fringe

Mountmellick embroidery is traditionally edged with a characteristic knitted fringe attached to the buttonhole edging. This video tutorial shows how to make Method 2 from our book Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature, which also features step-by-step instructions for two other knitted fringe methods. The book also includes information about appropriate knitting needles and knitting cotton, and how to attach the fringe to the edge of the Mountmellick embroidery.

Following the knitting of the lace, the technique used to create the fringe is quite ingenious, and never fails to cause jaws to drop when demonstrated! As this is a traditional technique, unfortunately we can't take the credit for dreaming it up.

You can purchase the knitting cotton used in the video, which has been selected for its good twist, lack of fuzziness, and complete lack of shine, making it the perfect cotton for knitting the Mountmellick fringe.

How to knit the Mountmellick fringe


For more information on Mountmellick embroidery, purchase Yvette Stanton's step-by-step instruction manual "Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature"

Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature

Purchase your copy today!

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