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Hardanger book

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery

By Yvette Stanton

Fully revised edition

You can do Hardanger embroidery! Have you always wanted to try Hardanger embroidery but thought it looked too difficult? Or have you mastered the basics and want new challenges? This manual will take you step by step from novice to advanced stitcher, with helpful diagrams and hints and tips at every stage. There are stunning Hardanger projects, graded beginner, intermediate and advanced, to guide you to your next level of expertise. You will refer to this Hardanger embroidery book again and again.

Please note: Yvette's second Hardanger book, Early-Style Hardanger is now also available.

The benefits of 'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery'
Inside 'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery'
About Yvette Stanton
Reader testimonials
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'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery' at a glance

Benefits of 'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery'

Discover what it is like to study as if this wonderful teacher were at your side, as you learn from this wonderful Hardanger embroidery book:

  • how to easily create the stitches of Hardanger embroidery
  • how to work those harder stitches that you don't get in beginners books
  • how to knit the characteristic fringes to edge your Mountmellick embroidery
  • why you don't need to be afraid of cutting the fabric threads
  • hints and tips that you normally only learn in classes
  • how to fix mistakes
  • how to use your skills to work elegant Hardanger projects

Inside 'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery'

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery: a step-by-step manual for beginners to advanced has 64 pages, containing three information packed chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Before you begin details all the materials used to create Hardanger, many of which you will probably already have in your stash! It explains how to read a Hardanger chart, and about stitching order. There are tips for left-handed stitchers and on caring for your embroidery.
  • Chapter 2: Stitch instructions and techniques works step-by-step through each stitch and technique required for learning Hardanger embroidery. The steps have text instructions and a clear diagram to show you what you should be doing. There are many helpful hints and tips to enable you to get the best results.
  • Chapter 3: Hardanger projects has fifteen beautiful projects to practice your skills. The projects, ranging from large to small have varying applications, including a table runner, hand towel, cushions, gift cards, sampler, and a scissors case. With gorgeous photographs, you won't be able to resist them. Each project has a clear chart with step-by-step instructions detailing preparation, embroidery, construction and finishing.
Elegant Hardanger Embroidery sample pages

With so much easy to follow information, beautiful embroidery has never been so easy to master. You will save so much time and effort in your quest to discover Hardanger embroidery because Elegant Hardanger Embroidery has all this information in one place. This Hardanger embroidery book makes it easy to learn all you need to know, and shows you exactly how to do it.

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery: a step-by-step manual for beginners to advanced by Yvette Stanton, provides a thorough course in a beautiful, historical embroidery technique. You will refer to this comprehensive Hardanger embroidery book again and again.

About Yvette Stanton

Yvette Stanton is a respected Australian embroidery teacher and award-winning needlewoman. She particularly loves whitework embroidery. Yvette has written books on merezhka embroidery , Mountmellick embroidery and Portuguese whitework.

Yvette first learned Hardanger embroidery in secondary school, and immediately loved it. In 2000 she entered the Nordic Needle Annual Hardanger Design Contest and was fortunate to win!

Although Yvette explores other forms of whitework embroidery, it is to Hardanger that she always returns! In recent years Yvette has been studying historical Hardanger embroidery.

Yvette teaches Hardanger embroidery at shops around Australia, and is an accredited Hardanger embroidery tutor with the NSW Embroiderers Guild.

Reader testimonials

We'd love to hear from you about your experiences with Elegant Hardanger Embroidery. Please send your comments to us.

"I've found your book to be so helpful with different stitches and stitching problems. In fact, I've used your book twice within the past week and it sits right next to my stitching area.
The information section in the front of the book, along with the stitch diagrams/instructions are outstanding! The diagrams of the dos and don'ts for each stitch was great. I taught myself Hardanger from magazine instructions and didn't realize I'd also taught myself some bad habits.
Your instructions and diagrams explain and show exactly why you should and shouldn't do something. Your instructions are well written, and easy to follow and understand.
I really wish I'd found this book at the beginning of my hardanger learning curve. This embroidery book is really outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Hardanger - from beginner to experienced!" Ruth, San Diego CA, USA

"Something for every level of expertise." Roz Watnemo, Nordic Needle, ND, USA

"I got your books: fantastically good! The Hardanger one is the best book on that topic that I've ever seen. The instructions are not only clear, with excellent graphics, but you also give a good view of how the stitches should look on the back, and shouldn't look! You also give an idea of how to tuck in ends, and move from one bit to the other. That's precisely what the student needs, and doesn't get in the other books. That chapter of instructions is really something special." J.O'L. Queensland, Australia

"This carefully written book provides a clear guide to the elegant cutwork embroidery of Hardanger.
The patient and methodical approach demanded by this style of embroidery is clearly reflected in the author's meticulous explanation of the techniques involved. The author very clearly explains the correct approach - even illustrating what the back of the work should look like if you have been stitching correctly. Ms Stanton also gives tips on how to fix mistakes - including how to replace a thread cut in error." The Record, July 2005, The Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc.

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To learn this beautiful style of embroidery, purchase your copy of this wonderful Hardanger embroidery book by Yvette Stanton, today.

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'Elegant Hardanger Embroidery'

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery
Elegant Hardanger Embroidery: A step-by-step manual for beginners to advanced by Yvette Stanton
  • 64 pages
  • Paperback
  • 195 x 275 mm / 7 5/8 x 10 7/8 in
  • 170+ step-by-step illustrations
  • 15 beautiful projects
  • 1st published 2002, 2nd edition published 2005
  • ISBN 978-0-9757677-0-2 (13 digit), 0-9757677-0-4 (10 digit)
Purchase Elegant Hardanger Embroidery: a step-by-step manual for beginners to advanced now. Very soon you will be making your own beautiful Hardanger embroidery!
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