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Portuguese Whitework biscornu class with Yvette Stanton

This pretty little biscornu features whitework embroidery from Guimarães in the north of Portugal. With drawn thread work and a profusion of bullions and eyelets, this is a lovely mix of counted and surface embroidery.

No need to be scared of bullion knots; you’ll come away from this class very proficient at working them! The method I teach for working bullions is different than the method many people use, and often using this different method gives great results that were previously unachievable for many stitchers.

In class we will work the drawn thread work and the surface work. Construction of the biscornu will be done in your own time.

If you are at all likely to have trouble working with 38 count linen, please bring magnification and or lighting.

This project includes both counted embroidery and surface embroidery. Make sure you can count well – magnification will help! Some experience with counted thread embroidery would be an advantage in this class.


Embroiderers' Guild of NSW, Narrabri Group

15th-16th March 2014

Needlework Cruise, Fremantle-Singapore
1st-15th April 2015
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 Portuguese Whitework biscornu

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