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Covid-19 and your orders

We're all doing our best. These are difficult times. From me you have the commitment that I'll get your orders into the post in a timely manner, and then after that, obviously I have no control over the postal system.

This information is provided in good faith and to the best of my knowledge. For Australia Post international service updates, click here, and for domestic updates, click here. The situation is changing regularly, and I will try to stay up to date.

Update 4th August 2020

International deliveries (deliveries outside of Australia)

Some countries are now able to be posted to again, including Norway. However, some remain without service from Australia, currently, such as Ukraine.

Update 24th June 2020

International deliveries (deliveries outside of Australia)

I am sometimes finding when I get to the Post Office, that I am no longer able to post to particular countries, and Australia Post is not even accepting mail for those countries. This changes without notice, and therefore I can't warn you, my wonderful customers.

If I find out that your order is not currently able to be sent, I will email you to let you know, going through the options that we can consider. Therefore please make sure that the email address that is attached to your order is correct, otherwise I cannot contact you!

Currently, I know that I am unable to post to Ukraine and Norway. There are likely others. If you email me to ask if I'm still able to post to your country, the answer I give you today could be wrong tomorrow. I'm so sorry I can't be more definite!

Update 24th April 2020

Domestic deliveries (deliveries within Australia)

From Australia Post: We are temporarily suspending the Express Post guarantee of next day delivery as we are unable to commit to this timeframe. Express Post is still available but parcels may not be delivered next business day every time.

All else remains the same as for the 20th April update.

Update 20th April 2020

International deliveries (deliveries outside of Australia)

Letters are now only able to be sent if they contain documents/paper only. If they contain other matter such as thread, fabric, needles or pendants (just to name a few examples), they cannot be sent as a letter.

This means that either I can hold the mail for you until such time as it is able to be sent as a letter again (no-one knows when that will be), or I will need to request extra payment from you so that it can be sent as a parcel, which will also then be trackable (a letter is not trackable). Until I know what your order is, I cannot say what the extra charge will be. You can contact me before ordering for me to give you a quote, or you can order and expect a follow up email request from me for the extra. Please make sure the email address you use when ordering (especially if it is the one attached to your Paypal account) is correct and up to date.

All else remains the same as for the 6th April update.

Update 6th April 2020

International deliveries (deliveries outside of Australia)

News from Australia Post:
From this week Australia Post expects major international delivery delays due to flight cancellations and government restrictions because of COVID-19. Australia Post is working with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible. Australia Post will suspend its “Economy Air” international delivery service for parcels to all countries effective 3 April and until further notice.

If you are ordering from outside Australia, this will affect you. Those deliveries that are getting through are very much delayed.

In terms of "Economy Air" parcel service being suspended, I usually send smaller articles, generally under about $30, by Economy Air, which is a non-trackable service. That means that if you do order one of the products that only has Economy Air service priced into it, I will need to request the extra shipping charge for the next level up of shipping service "Standard" (which is trackable) for it to get through to you, as Economy Air services have now been suspended until further notice. I have sent some parcels by Economy Air this past week, but had already previously contacted the recipients to alert them to the fact that their mail would be delayed.

Standard services are still getting through but are delayed. I keep a record of all tracking numbers for tracked parcels and will happily forward this information to you if you would like it. When I get the chance I also record this number within Paypal, which Paypal will forward to you.

If you are unsure about the shipping arrangements/pricing for the product you're ordering, please just email me (yvette at vettycreations dot com dot au), and I can let you know whether it needs the upgraded shipping and what the revised price will be. This comes with the obvious caveat that things are changing all the time, and what I say is correct one day may not be current the next day.

Even if your mail is able to leave Australia, I cannot guarantee that your postal system will be delivering by the time your parcel arrives in your country.

Domestic deliveries - deliveries within Australia

Due to a number of reasons (e.g. social distancing measures, an increase in mail volume, reduction in domestic flights) domestic deliveries are somewhat delayed. The mail is getting through, but is taking longer than usual. Please be patient.

I keep a record of all tracking numbers for tracked parcels and will happily forward this information to you if you would like it. When I get the chance I also record this number within Paypal, which Paypal will forward to you.


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