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Vetty Creations Office Closure: The Vetty Creations office will be closed from Friday 27th October to Monday 20th November as I will be on a teaching tour of the north island of New Zealand. I will attend to all orders and enquiries on my return. I apologise for any inconvenience.

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We can help you to learn to express your creativity through embroidery, with our step-by-step embroidery books and our embroidery kits. Our clear instructions will help you to learn and master techniques and stitches quickly.

Hi, I'm Yvette Stanton. I’m passionate about embroidery, particularly whitework. My twin sister, Prue, and I were always creative, and when I was in high school I really began to focus on embroidery. Following school I studied graphic design at university, majoring in book design. From there, I brought my two loves together: embroidery and design.

I now write books about embroidery, usually focusing on regional styles of embroidery, and helping to preserve them by teaching others about the historical styles, and how to make them.

I enjoy researching traditional styles of embroidery, and my expertise comes from careful study of historical artefacts in museums around the world, and learning directly from the cultural custodians of the work where that is still possible.

I have written two stitch dictionaries and a growing number of instructional embroidery books on historical styles, particularly whitework, leading some to give me the moniker “Whitework Queen”! Im left-handed, and so all of my more recent books include left-handed instructions.

I enjoy teaching embroidery through my online and in-person classes and my YouTube channel, White Threads FlossTube. I particularly love having left-handed students in my classes, as I am well placed to help them!

As a whitework expert, I am exceptionally proud of the fact that I am self-trained in embroidery, which means that I am not slave to someone else’s “rules” about how embroidery “should” be done. The only rules I am slave to are the ones imposed by the embroidery style itself!

I love embroidery and I love sharing it with others!


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Vetty Creations at QuiltNSW CraftAlive Hardanger Filling Stitches by Yvette Stanton   Frisian whitework Christmas decorations kit Sotema 450 linen

I'll be at QuiltNSW Exhibition marketplace! Come and see me there!


PRE-ORDER NOW! Hardanger Filling Stitches by Yvette Stanton


Frisian whitework Christmas decorations kit


Smøyg needlecase kit

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Blue-green hardanger panel 3 in embroidery hoop Whitework cube sampler kit Frisian whitework tree of life

Blue-green hardanger panel - now available as a kit


3 inch embroidery hoop


Whitework cube sampler kit


Frisian whitework tree of life kit

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Early-style hardanger biscornu class   Frisian Whitework silk sampler   Early-style hardanger panel class   Frisian whitework tree of life

Early-style hardanger biscornu - 2023 World Needlework Convention


Frisian whitework silk sampler - 2023 World Needlework Convention


Early-style hardanger panel - 2023 World Needlework Convention


Frisian whitework tree of life

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